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KENDA Booster Pro 29×2.40 SCT Tyre - Coffee Wall

KENDA Booster Pro 29×2.40 SCT Tyre - Coffee Wall

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Introducing the Booster XC Race Tire – Unleash Your Speed!

Hey there, let's dive right into the world of the Booster – the XC race tire that's not just shaking up the World Cup circuit but completely redefining how we think about speed and grip. If you're all about pushing your limits and can't get enough of that heart-pounding rush, then look no further than the Booster. Bid farewell to those tough choices between speed, weight, and traction – because this tire truly has it all.

A Fresh Tread Design: Where Speed Meets Control

Get ready to meet a tire that not only looks the part but performs like an absolute champion. The Booster boasts a modern, aggressive tread design that experts have meticulously crafted for mind-blowing speed, all while keeping your cornering skills in check. This tire means serious business – whether you're tearing down those straightaways or deftly navigating tight, hairpin turns.

Unmatched Grip with an Advanced Race Compound

Ever found yourself daydreaming of a tire that grips the terrain like a vice? Well, dream no more, thanks to the Booster's ultra-high-tech race compound. It's like pure magic – delivering exceptional grip on dry, loose-over-hard surfaces and even the roughest, rockiest trails. Experience effortless acceleration and unbeatable traction, all thanks to this remarkable tire that boosts your confidence on the trail.

Mix it Up with Different Casing Styles

Got a specific casing preference in mind? No need to worry. The Booster offers you the choice between two distinct options – TR and SCT – each carefully tailored to perfectly match your unique riding style. If you're all about lightweight and nimble, then TR is your go-to – designed for those speed demons who live for the thrill. On the flip side, SCT brings the muscle with sidewall protection, ensuring you're fully equipped to conquer whatever challenges the trail throws your way.

Tubeless-Ready for Effortless Adventures

Tired of dealing with the fuss of tubes? You're not alone. That's why the Booster is primed for a seamless tubeless adventure. Bid farewell to unnecessary complications and say hello to increased grip, reduced rolling resistance, and a lot less headache from dealing with flats. With the Booster, you're all set to fully focus on pushing your limits and achieving new milestones on the trail.

Elevate Your XC Game with the Booster

Ready to take your XC racing experience to a whole new level? Look no further than the Booster. It's here to elevate your performance to heights you've never reached before. Think of it as your secret weapon for achieving incredible speed, unparalleled lightness, and unbeatable traction. So, it's time to hit the trails, make them your own, and let the Booster show you exactly what it's made of. Let the games begin!

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