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GIRO Aries Spherical Helmet

GIRO Aries Spherical Helmet

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Lighter, Cooler, Sleeker, Plus All The Added Protection Of Spherical Technology Powered By Mips® And Our New Drycore™ Sweat Management System: The Aries Spherical Is Like Nothing Before. A Helmet That Feels Like It Isn´t There: The All-New Aries™ Spherical Is Like Nothing Before. Its Sleeker Form And Lighter Weight (Only 270 Grams In Size Medium, Ce Certification), Deliver Sensational Comfort And Cooling Power. Spherical Technology™, Our Ball-And-Socket Design Powered By Mips®, Adds Protection By Redirecting Energy Away From The Brain In Certain Impacts, And Progressive Layering With Dual Densities Of Nanobead Eps Foam Adds More Comprehensive Energy Management. 24 Wind Tunnel Vents Are Maximized By The Aura Ii Reinforcement Arch, While A Plush Drycore™ Brow Pad Manages Sweat And Combines With A Network Of Intricately Engineered Deep Internal Channeling To Elevate Comfort. From The Proven Reliability And Adjustability Of The Roc Loc® 5+ Air Fit System, To Full Lower Hardbody Coverage To Enhance Durability, To The Meticulous Production Quality, The Aries Is State-Of-The-Art Performance, Protection, And Style.

Structural Integrity:
- The Proprietary Aura Ii Reinforcement Arch Makes Everything Possible. These Shatter-Resistant, Translucent Twin Bridges Run Throughout The Helmet, Providing Structural Integrity Without Adding Unnecessary Weight. Aries’ Ultra-Low Weight (~5% Lighter Than Aether), Impressive Cooling Power And Sleek, Compact Shape Would Not Be Possible Without Aura Ii.

Spherical Technology:
- This Unique Ball-And-Socket Design, Powered By Mips®, Helps Redirect Impact Forces. Spherical Technology Also Boasts More Comfort, Improved Airflow, And Progressive Layering (Which Mates Two Densities Of Eps Foam To Address A Wide Range Of Impact Energy).The Results Are Clear: Independent Authority Virginia Tech Has Rated Aries #1 In Reducing The Risk Of Injury. It’S The Best Performing Helmet They’Ve Tested So Far – Even Out-Performing Much Bigger, Bulkier Helmets At Reducing Risk.

Cool Comfort:
- Deep Internal Channels Connect With Aries’ Massive Front And Rear Vents. This System Provides A Path For Cool Air To Flow Over The Rider’S Scalp And Exit The Rear, Taking Excess Heat With It. Aries Outperforms Our Previous Cooling Benchmark, The Aether, With A 2.3% Improvement In Cooling Efficiency.Aries Also Debuts Our Revolutionary Drycore™ Sweat Management System. A Soft, Silicone Bead Is Hidden Within The Plush Brow Pad That Redirects Sweat Away From The Forehead And To The Temples, Where It Can Evaporate More Easily.

Streamlined Speed:
- When It Comes To Going Fast, Smaller Truly Is Better. To Craft Aries, We Focused On Reducing The Frontal Surface Area To Eliminate More Drag. Add In Tiny Details Like Chamfered Edges On The Aura Ii, And Meticulously Engineered Internal Channeling That Actually Speeds Up The Air As It Exits The Helmet, And Aries Emerges As The Climbing Helmet That Doesn’T Sacrifice Speed, Reducing Aerodynamic Drag By 4% Over Aether Spherical.

Mips@-Brain Protection System:
- All Giro Helmets Are Designed To Reduce As Much Energy As Possible While Meeting And Exceeding Stringent Safety Standards. The Goal Of Giro´s Mips- Equipped Helmets Is To Reduce Rotational Forces. Giro Believes That Helmets Equipped With This Technology Can Reduce The Amount Of Rotational Force That May Be Transferred To Rider´s Brain In Certain Impacts

24 Wind Tunnel Vents:
- Giro Helmets Are Engineered With Our Proprietary Wind Tunnel Venting System. This Elaborate Design Combines Active Vents In The Helmet´s Shell With Exhaust Channels Inside The Helmet That Thrust Cool, Fresh Air Over And Around The Rider´s Head While Forcing Heat And Stale Air Out.

Deep Internal Channeling:
- The Inner Liner Of The Helmet Is Agsressively Engineered To Assist Air Flowing Through The Helmet, Working In Conjunction With Our Wind Tunnel Vents To Provide An Easy Pathway For Cool Air To Flow In And Hot Air To Exhaust Out.

Progressive Layering:
- Giro Helmets With Progressive Layering Use Two Different Density Eps Foam Liners To Address High- And Low-Speed Impacts For More Comprehensive Energy Management.

Eyewear Docking Poris:
- Integrated Eyewear Docking Ports With Rubber Grippers Help To Secure Sunglasses.
Reflective Details:
- Reflective Details Enhance Visibility At Nighttime Or In Low-Light Conditions When Illuminated By A Light Source, Such As Headlights, By Returning The Light Back To The Source And Reaching The Driver´s Eye.

1onic+ Padding:
- Pure Silver Is The Secret Ingredient That Gives 10nic+ ® The Power To Provide Natural, Permanent Odor Protection To Keep Your Helmet Feeling Fresh.

Aura Ii Reinforcing Arch:
- The Shatter-Resistant And Translucent Aura Ii Reinforcing Arch Runs Throughout The Helmet, Bolstering Structural Integrity And Allowing Massive Vents For Cooling.

Virginia Tech#1 Ranking:
- Researchers At Independent Testing Facility Virginia Tech Gave Aries Spherical Their Best Score Event In Their Rankings Of Which Helmets Best Reduce The Risk Of Injury. All Giro Helmets With Spherical Technology Have Received Their Top Level Of 5 Stars.

- The Drycore Sweat Management System Utilizes An Internal Silicone Bead To Redirect Moisture Away From The Rider´s Brow And Eliminate The Irritation Of Sweat Dripping Into The Eyes.

Spherical Technology:
- Spherical Technology´s Ball-And-Socket Design, Powered By Mips®, Helps Redirect Impact Forces Away From The Brain By Allowing The Outer Liner To Rotate Around The Inner Liner During A Crash. It Also Eliminates Contact With Hard Plastic Or Slip-Planes Against The Skin.


- Aura Ii Reinforcement Arch
- Ionic+™ Anti-Microbial Padding
- Drycore™ Sweat Management System
- Eyewear Docking Ports
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