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MAGICSHINE SeeMee 150 Rear Light

MAGICSHINE SeeMee 150 Rear Light

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New Tail Light - Red 150lm
Light perception to adjust the brightness, brake sensor
Remaining battery display, low battery safety mode 
Multiple lighting mode selection, memory mode 
Convenient Micro-USB charging
Both Seat Post Mount & Saddle Mount available


Mode: Low

Lumens: 8
Run time: 27H

Mode: High

Lumens: 45
Run time: 5H40

Mode: Flash

Lumens: 0-45
Run time: 16H20

Mode: Group Ride/Eco

Lumens: 0-8
Run time: 44H

Mode: Smart-Day

Lumens: 0-150
Run time: 13H10

Mode: Smart-Night

Lumens: 8-45
Run time: 12H30

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