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MAXXIS Rambler 700 x 40c Tyre - Tanwall

MAXXIS Rambler 700 x 40c Tyre - Tanwall

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Introducing the Rambler, the epitome of adventure and triumph. This gravel marvel stands as our unrivalled bestseller, boasting an impressive track record of countless race victories and uncharted expeditions through endless miles of untamed terrain.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Rambler is engineered to dominate any challenge thrown it’s way. Its densely packed centre knobs have been thoughtfully crafted with ramping precision, ensuring unparalleled rolling efficiency on unforgiving hardpack roads and even smooth asphalt surfaces. No obstacle can hinder its relentless pursuit of speed.

But the Rambler’s excellence doesn’t end there. Embracing versatility as its core principle, this exceptional creation provides superior control in ever-changing conditions. By strategically spacing the cornering knobs at an optimal distance, the Rambler delivers unmatched stability and manoeuvrability, empowering you to confidently conquer varying terrains.

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other with the Rambler by your side. Experience the triumph of victory, the joy of exploration, and the unwavering performance of a true gravel champion. Choose the Rambler, and let the road become your playground.

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