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VITTORIA RideArmor 700c X 28C TUBE / TLR Tyre

VITTORIA RideArmor 700c X 28C TUBE / TLR Tyre

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Conquer Every Ride with Confidence Vittoria RideArmor Tubeless-Ready Tyres

For cyclists seeking a tyre that delivers exceptional puncture resistance, durability, and unwavering performance in all conditions, look no further than the Vittoria RideArmor Tubeless-Ready. This innovative tyre lives up to its name, offering a robust "armor" against flats while maintaining impressive comfort and grip across various terrains and weather.

Unmatched Puncture Protection

  • ArmorSkin Sidewall Layer The RideArmor prioritizes puncture protection. It features a proprietary ArmorSkin sidewall layer, a high-quality polyamide fabric readily identifiable by its copper colouring. This layer provides exceptional cut and abrasion resistance, safeguarding your tyres against various road hazards, no matter the surface or weather conditions.

  • Kevlar® Bead-to-Bead Protection Further enhancing puncture resistance is the Kevlar® bead-to-bead anti-puncture layer. This innovative layer boasts exceptional strength and flexibility, effectively deflecting sharp objects that could otherwise compromise the inner tube.

  • Inner Shield (Sizes 26-32c) For added peace of mind, especially on larger tyre sizes (26-32c), the RideArmor incorporates an inner shield. This extra layer strengthens the tyre casing, providing an additional barrier against punctures.

Performance You Can Trust

  • Graphene + Silica Compound The RideArmor isn't just about puncture protection; it delivers impressive performance too. Vittoria utilizes their advanced Graphene + Silica compound in the tread. This 2-compound blend offers the best of both worlds: minimized rolling resistance for efficient pedaling and exceptional grip on both dry and wet roads.

  • 100 TPI Nylon Casing Durability and longevity are crucial for training and commuting tyres. The RideArmor features a reliable 100 TPI nylon casing. This construction offers a balance of comfort, responsiveness, and puncture resistance, making it ideal for various riding styles.

  • Hookless Compatible (700c) Riders seeking a tubeless-ready option for wider rims will appreciate that the 700c RideArmor is tubeless compatible. This allows for lower tyre pressure, enhancing comfort and grip while reducing the risk of pinch flats.

RideArmor Tubeless-Ready tyres are more than just tyres; they're an investment in confidence and performance. With their exceptional puncture resistance, long-lasting durability, and impressive grip, these tyres allow you to tackle any road with peace of mind, focusing on enjoying the ride.

  • 700x28c


  • 700x28c: 375g
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